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No horse selected for the accumulator bet. Click on the tote odds in the race.
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Gambling addiction
Responsible Gambling

Gambling addicts often do not consider betting and betting games any longer as a game. Rather, it provides a way for gambling addicts to earn money. Incidentally, gambling addicts mistakenly believe that they have special luck or abilities. If you lose money, you tend to chase your losses, with risking even more money. You will try to balance your losses. This results in the vicious circle of higher losses and even higher bets.

How do you recognize that you have a gambling problem?

  • Do you leave your children unattended for a long time just to be able to bet or gamble?
  • Is your wager primarily made up of family allowances that were originally earmarked for rent, food, clothes or for heat and electricity?
  • Do you think you would need to play games / bets instead of spending your time with people that mean something to you?
  • Are you thinking about the next bet to place whilst spending time with your family, colleagues or friends?
  • Consider betting and gambling as a way to earn money?

Tips for Responsible Gaming

Many people think a bet or a prediction game is entertaining and exciting. You make judicious decisions about your pastime, your favorite ways to spend money wherever you go or how you enjoy yourself.

Here are some hints for the responsible use of gambling:

  • Set yourself a financial limit on your stakes in the early stages and your playing capital. Stick to it.
  • Unrisky betting is a good way not to lose track and control. Always be aware: it's just a game.
  • Never borrow money for a bet.
  • Set a well-considered time limit.
  • Take enough breaks.
  • Find a suitable balance besides betting.
  • Never play when you feel stressed, irritated, frustrated or depressed in any way.
  • Play with money you have covered for your entertainment and not with money that is needed for your daily needs.

We help you with your gambling problem

As a registered player, you can do the following by written notification, electronic notification or by phone call:

  • to block your customer account for gambling activity
  • Limit the stake of your bets
  • limit the loss within a specified period of time
Please note that you can only cancel an account suspension and a limitation if you request this in writing by mail or electronic mail. Otherwise, we will not accept bets from you that exceed or do not comply with the stipulated limits. A change of the submitted limits is only possible after seven days of the submission.

Further help can be found on the following websites:

Player Protection Officer

Frederic Gritz
0211-781 782 33
  • +49(0)211-781 782 50
    (Daily from 09:00 – 21:00 CET)
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  • Help